Judeo-Christianity and the West.

3 min readMar 19, 2022

Yes, Judeo-Christianity, together with classical Greek culture, Roman culture and Norse culture, is a big part of the foundation for western civilisation. I believe that the enlightenment and the modernity could not have exploded anywhere else on the planet, not at that time anyway. I believe that the Culture, the parts we call science and technology, was the main force. But, the hen and the egg problem, and interactions, regarding Culture and its components is too complex to solve, we can just speculate, but that is good enough for me.

So, thinkers like Jordan Peterson (Canada) and Douglas Murray (UK) are right about this and I suppose it is a quite uncontroversial claim, it is obvious for most decent thinkers.

What I do not understand is the flirting with Christianity as a religion because of this history. It is like they believe that if we eradicated Christianity, the liberal democratic project, enlightenment, science and the UN declaration of the Human Rights would disappear. For some strange reason they think that Humanism is still dependent on an active Christian religion just because it once grow from that religious culture (even in the sense that Humanism was a reaction to, or even against, Christianity).

First: The modernity project, Enlightenment, Science and the Liberal Democracy, is also here despite Christianity (and other religions). The free enlightened world they love and want to protect is in big part a reaction against Christianity (and other religions). The cultural well, Judeo-Christianity, was so dirty and evil that we had to develop and create something more decent and beautiful. We saved some good bits from the Judeo-Christian heritage and went on in our civilisation journey.

Second: Some systems we today despise, at least when it comes to real life practise, are also from the Christianity well; Communism and Nazism are two examples. I would say that Communism is as connected with Christianity that modern liberal individualistic democracy is. And could Nazism have emerged without Catholicism? I do not believe so.

Third: Of course we should study our history, wether it is the Romans, Norse, Celts or Judeo-Christian mythology. It is, amongst many other things, our cultural history. But to talk about the threat against ”Judeo-Christian values” when referring to the influx of islamic religion and culture, as a threat against western civilisation, is a Red Herring. If you want to protect and fight for the western liberal world, do not bring all this nonsense about Judeo-Christianity. It is contra productive. If you are a true enlightened warrior for freedom, science, reason and liberalism; all religions are bad for mankind. Yes, some are more evil, some are less evil, but there is no reason for an enlightened citizen to fight for any religion (except the right to practise religion). The influx of islamic religion is not a threat against ”Judeo-Christian values”, it is a threat agains Enlightenment and Modernism, it is a threat against the most valuable asset we have in The West: our Secularism, the force behind our enormous success the last three centuries.

The influx of medieval religious dogma from Islam in The West is a tragedy after hundreds of years of fighting the Judeo-Christian medieval religious dogma. After terrible sufferings to eliminate the dark forces of Christianity, and building up a liberal civilisation, we now have to protect our advances against culture from parts of the world where they have not cleaned up their dogma, places where they still live with medieval morals. But this fight is not between Judeo-Christianity and Islam, it is a fight between Enlightenment and Islam. This time it is against Islam, yesterday it was against Judeo-Christianity.

So, please, leave all this ”religious war” mumbojumbo out of the equation. The good guys are the Enlightenment, Liberalism, Modernity, Secularism, Humanism, Science, Individualism, Human Rights, Democracy. Judeo-Christianity has nothing to do with this and sadly Islam is even farther away from this, though the difference is irrelevant; both religions have dogmas, ethics and morals in their books and learnings that are dangerous and bad for humanity.

Should I write “Islamism” instead of “Islam”? No, I do not write “Christianism” or “Judeo-Cristianism” either, I just name the religions by their names, I do not care about denominations, variations and sects in this context. We all know there is harmless religious people and dangerous religious people, like in everything else regarding human activity.




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